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Stretch Mark Reduction

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Using Your Own Cells to Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are generally a part of growth. Approximately 70% of adolescent women and 40% of teenage men have stretch marks, not to mention 90% of pregnant women. But despite how common they are, stretch marks are still a source of insecurity for many people.

Research shows that ½ of women suffer from ongoing psychological problems related to their stretch marks, and 20% of women from the same study say they’ve tried to hide their stretch marks from their partner.

The team at Kelso Lake Cosmetics can help ease that insecurity with stretch mark reduction treatments.

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What Exactly Are Stretch Marks?

Skin is naturally stretchy. However, it does have limits. When the skin stretches too quickly due to a growth spurt, weight gain, pregnancy, or other changes, its natural collagen production process is disrupted. The disruptions cause scars that we call stretch marks.

New stretch marks usually look pink, red, or purple. They often have a slightly different texture than the skin around them and may feel smoother or thinner than other areas. Eventually, most stretch marks fade to white.

Are Stretch Marks Permanent?

Stretch marks are really just scar tissue. They will fade with time, making them less prominent. However, they are unlikely to just go away on their own.

Some lotions and ointments claim to prevent stretch marks. However, there is currently no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Platelet-Rich Plasma for Stretch Marks

Platelet-rich plasma treatments can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by stimulating collagen production and new skin cell growth in the treatment area.

We prepare platelet-rich plasma from a sample of your blood. Using a centrifuge, we will separate your red blood cells from the other major components (your plasma and platelets). 

Platelet-rich plasma, or PRP, contains cells that help your body heal. We reintroduce these cells to the parts of your body that have stretch marks. The PRP then stimulates your body’s natural healing process, increasing collagen production to restore some of the torn tissue under the surface and create a generally tighter look.

We can administer PRP for stretch marks in two different ways. Much like the treatment for acne scars, we can apply PRP to the treatment area after micro-needling the treatment area. Alternatively, we can inject the PRP directly into the stretch marks.

Read more about PRP treatments.

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